CMI Technology

VascoDe’s CMI is a patent pending client-less interface which works on all mobile devices by leveraging USSD technology.

The CMI receives interactions from users and events from mobile network and generates a USSD interface on the mobile device based on user requests, system parameters and real time parameters such as call state, time of the day, location. The CMI system includes a set of applications and in addition is integrated with external services such as twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Wikipedia, mobile IM, presence and other applications in order to provide the unified interaction interface.

The CMI interfaces can be personalized via an online simple self provisioning tool. This tool was designed with the look and feel of a standard software client leveraging AJAX to provide a robust and easy administration.

The following diagram illustrates the main mobile network components and their interaction with the CMI system.

The CMI system is designed as an open platform, and was designed as an OS and hardware agnostic system. The CMI system supports current standards and protocols, such as SIP, IN, Camel, OMA, IMS, SS7, MAP, XML, and more. In addition, VascoDe is tracking and actively involved in the development of new standards. The CMI is designed to integrate with the mobile infrastructure (e.g., 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 3.5G), while supporting NGN architecture.

Advanced applications from any simple mobile phone