CMI Platform Overview

Market and Need

  • A significant percentage of the mobile subscribers are not using smart-phones, especially in the Emerging Markets, still, they would like to use “advanced” applications.
  • Today, there is no efficient way to run “advanced” applications on Simple Phones.
  • This is an opportunity to increase subscriber satisfaction and loyalty as well as a large revenue opportunity for mobile operators.

Client-less Mobile Interaction (CMI) Platform

  • Enables simple-phone users to enjoy advanced applications, such as Gmail, Facebook, twitter, Wikipedia, visual voice mail, mobile Skype and others.
  • No need to install software on the mobile phone. Client-less implementation. A unique patent pending mobile interaction system, which works on all mobile phones.

Revenue Generator

  • Mobile operators are making strong moves to initiate services such as mobile social networking, messaging and business mobile interaction applications and services.
  • VascoDe CMI is transforming the way mobile phones are used in Emerging Markets, while generating huge revenues for operators.

Advanced applications from any simple mobile phone