CMI Mobile Visual Voice Mail

CMI Mobile Visual Voice Mail – interact with voice mail via visual interaction interface from any mobile device no need to install software on mobile device, no need for data connection.

Receive voice mail headers on any mobile device in real time, ability to play, delete, skip messages from interface. Includes features such as Reject with a Message – When called party wishes not to accept a call and reject it or if the call was missed; a screen-pop appears with several pre-composed messages that can be sent to the caller with a proposed action (i.e. in meeting will call in 10 minutes).

  • Receive Voice mail headers
  • Play message
  • Delete message
  • Skip message
  • Forward message
  • Forward message to various social networking
  • Reject with message
  • Manage account
  • Visual Voice Mail (VVM) over USSD
  • No need for software on mobile device, No need for data connection

Advanced applications from any simple mobile phone